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WordPress Theme: Text-Is-Awesome

Text is Awesome

This Wordpress Theme is dedicated for all hipster/nerd in the world, who loves old-school, retro style. Remember, when the Internet just born and we're excited about weblog, kids today call it blog. ... Full Article

PHP: Javascript Parser Class

PHP and Javacript

Short story, when I scraping a webpage that doesn't have an element query like id or class instead of javascript variables, I do realize, I need a javascript parser. So this is a simple class, we don... Full Article

Java Programming Language Literally

Java Programming Language

What if Java Programming Language speaks in native Java Language? Haha :-D . Okay, Before you read this post, I give you a warning, because this post has a lot of punny jokes about Java. Before you re... Full Article

WordPress Multiple Domains with Single Database

Wordpress Multisite Logo. Original source from

How to clone a Wordpress site using multiple domains with a single database? As an Internet Marketer or Publisher I spend more time for research on this and I found it. It's a weird idea, isn't it? Bu... Full Article

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!... Full Article

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